Park City Winter Activities

America has always been the land of the brave and home of the extreme. When Park City’s landscape is blanketed with snow, the mountains are dotted with skiers and snowboarders engaging in acts of bravery–some even venturing to the utmost extreme with heli or snow cat skiing. But if those sports aren’t for you, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck on the sidelines.  First, let’s start with dogsledding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Then how about the ideas of winter fly-fishing, hot-air ballooning, snowmobiling and a romantic sleigh ride. We also offer a smooth alternative to sailing down the mountain.  Cruise down in the comfort of an over-sized snow tube at Gorgoza Park.  And let’s not forget about Park City Mountain Resort’s Alpine Coaster, which takes you through more a kilometer of scenic curves, bends, twists and loops on an exciting, elevated track. For any of the above-mentioned activities–that barely scratch the surface of Park City’s winter play–the town boasts dozens of specialty outfitters able to arrange it all.

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